Our Story

Hello and welcome,
I wanted to take a little time to tell you guys about how This Small World started.
 A few years ago my girlfriend and i decided to quit our jobs and travel the world. We experienced so many different cultures throughout our time and it really opened our eyes to a bigger issue which really grounded and humbled us. 
 Not long into our adventure we started to experience different aspects of waste pollution, throughout areas of Thailand, which by the way is still a beautiful place to visit, we encountered closed beaches and beaches that needed to be closed due to the accumulation of waste. We picked up as much rubbish as we could with what bags we had and started to realise that we could have spent our whole time away cleaning beaches. It's well known that Thailand is a highly visited country but we never seem to comprehend the repercussions of our ever growing impact worldwide let alone on one island in Asia.
 Fast forward a few months and we're in western Australia, on some of the most natural and untouched beaches in the world and guess what? Still plenty of waste washing up. Now, I'm no expert but I would say that if you're on a coast line miles away from any town or city and there's still plastic waste floating around.. that's a problem. 
 It was only when we visited Nusa Lembongan, an island about an hour off the coast of Bali, did it really start to hit home with the real impact of global waste pollution. We witnessed a lot of turtles and marine life swimming around the coast line which was absolutely covered with plastic waste, both on the beaches and in the ocean. In the picture below nearly every white item floating in the picture is plastic waste of some sort. 
From that day on, we felt compelled to make a difference in any way possible.
Plastic Straws and food containers contribute to a massive amount of plastic in and around our oceans, they are also one of the easiest things to change in our life.
We want to help you, help us save the oceans, mountains and everything in between, it all starts with something as small as a straw.
Thank you for being apart of This Small World and we hope you join us on our journey so saving Our Small World